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I received an organic search visit with the search phrase “maximum length of a URL web analytics”. So the answer: To my knowledge, there is no limitation in URL lengths due to analytics softwares. However, maximum URL length depends on browsers.

Currently, IE 7 is limited to 2048 characters in terms of URL that can be used for a request. In other terms, any web analytics software relying on client side tagging is limited by this same maximal URL length, and the server call to collect data must not be longer than 2048 characters. The server call inlcudes the URL of the tagged page PLUS any other information that is collected by the tag, e.g. referrer, client configuration, visitor id… So the limit of the tagged page’s original URL is much lower than the actual maximum URL length allowed.

Most other web browsers have some limits as well, but those are quite high and shouldn’t impact ability to collect data (more information here:

In the field of mobile browsing, URL limitation can be much lower. Many handsets still don’t support URLs longer than 128, 256 or 512 characters, in particular WAP devices (as opposed to devices carrying a full blown HTTP browser).

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